Sliding Doors

An opening style that is practical for any room. 1/2 or 1/3 slides over the fixed pane.
Double sliding available to be able to open the door from either end.

Key Features of Double Glazed Sliding Doors

  • Includes a standard screen
  • Up to 2500w x 2400h


Create a wider opening space with 2/3 sliding over 1/3. Ability to open from both sides.
*Requires retractable screen


Key Features of Shaped Windows

  • Middle opening format also available
  • Up to 5400w x 2400h
  • Ideal for wide format sliding door access

Lift and Slide

Beautiful modern door with compression sealing and low aluminium threshold. Great for wider doors with 1/2 or 1/3 sliding over fixed pane.

Key Features of Lift and Slide Doors with Double Glazing

  • Embedded handle available for external opening
  • Up to 5500w x 2400h

Hinged Doors

Entry Doors

Start with a glass door, you can add a vertical line or horizontal lines. Panelling and different glass types are available. Add sidelites, highlites or couple to other items. Custom design the door to suit your needs.

Key Features of Hinged Entry Doors with Double Glazed Glass

  • Open in or out
  • Up to 1050w x 2400h single opening and sidelite
  • Push-Pull handle available
  • Electric lock barrel option

French Doors

Double doors allow for maximum opening with a low aluminium threshold.

Key Features of Double Glazed French Doors

  • Open in or out
  • Up to 2400w x 2400h + highlites or sidelites
  • Double handle option

Double Glazed Glass Windows

Explore Solace Creation’s wide range of double glazed windows in a variety of opening styles.