Benefits of Double Glazing

There is a large variety of brands and styles available if you are considering installing double glazing windows and doors in your home, and they should be considered if you’re building a new home or replacing the single glazed window frames of an existing home. Read about the advantages of double glazed windows below.

If you would like more information about how double glazing can benefit your home, get in touch with the Solace Creations team and we will be able to provide more information that’s relevant to your needs.

Energy Efficiency

Double glazing is an insulated product and will save energy costs such as gas and electricity in your home used for heating and cooling. By double glazing your whole home, you will get the benefit of lower energy bills, no draughts and a comfortable temperature. This means that you will be able to use your air conditioner to maintain the temperature rather than worrying about heat gain during Canberra’s hot summers.

Putting solar panels on your roof will also cut down energy bills, however, it won’t provide the comfort that double glazing provides. You will still have draughts and uneven temperature in your home.

Noise Reduction

Standard double glazing can reduce transmission of medium to high frequencies (human voice), with at least a 12mm gap. For low frequencies (traffic) using a different thickness of glass in each pane, or using a laminated glass, can help to cut noise.

To achieve the best noise reduction, choose double glazed units with a very wide air gap between the panes of glass. The next best outcome is to use a laminated glass on the outside pane of the double glazing. An added benefit to this is that laminated glass is often harder to break than standard panes.

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