Fixed Windows

Fixed windows can change the mood of a room just by drawing on the natural light or maximising your views outside. Your double glazed fixed windows create the illusion of more space in the room. They’re versatile – and can be coupled to any opening style.

Key Features of Fixed Picture Windows

  • Uninterrupted view
  • Add lines to customise the design
  • Large sizes available

Shaped Windows

Make a statement with these bespoke shaped window styles. Just because it’s unique you don’t need to miss out on the benefits of double glazing the feature windows in your house.

Round, Triangle and Raked options available to be coupled to other opening styles.

Key Features of Shaped Windows

  • Add lines to customise the design
  • Custom made from template
  • Recreate your current windows with the added benefits of double glazing

Sliding Windows

Practical to all areas of the home, the slider allows for maximum airflow with 1/2 or 2/3 sliding over the fixed pane.

Key Features of Sliding Windows with Double Glazing

  • Unobtrusive to your space
  • Up to 2400w
  • Embedded handle option for easy opening


Stacking Windows

Achieve a wider opening with 2/3 of the window sliding back into 1/3 without intruding into your space. Great for servery windows or areas where you want to draw the outside in.

Key Features of Stacking Windows

  • Unobtrusive to your space
  • Up to 3m wide
  • Embedded handle option
  • Option to open from both ends

Winding Windows


Ventilation with protection from the elements. Awning windows either wind or push-out from the bottom and hinged from the top. Levers are used for engaging the compression seal and prevent draughts from entering your room.

Key Features of Double Glazed Awning Windows

  • Unobtrusive to your space
  • Up to 1200mm wide
  • Available with or without key


Wind or push-out opening that is hinged at the side. Ability to wind out 90° outside and be locked at different ventilation points. Compression levers to engage the seal.

Key Features of Casement Windows

  • Unobtrusive to the interior space
  • Opening up to 750mm wide
  • With or without key locking
  • Maximum airflow
  • Winding prevents window slamming in wind

Tilt Windows

Tilt and Turn

A versatile window with 2 inward opening functions: tilt provides secure ventilation for everyday use & Turn provides maximum airflow with the ability to fold back 180°. Opening available in full height sizes.

Key features of Double Glazed Tilt and Turn Windows

  • Tilt for secure ventilation
  • Up to 980w x 2400h opening
  • Available with or without key


Tilt and Slide

Like the ‘Tilt and Turn’ without the swing inwards, neatly slides across with the option to have secure ventilation in the Tilt position.

This windows style is also available as a door.

Key Features of installing Tilt and Turn window

  • Tilt for secure ventilation
  • Up to 2400w x 1500h
  • With or without key locking
  • Maximum airflow

Double Glazed Glass Doors

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