Insulated Windows & Doors
Are The Solution

Double-glazed glass and uPVC frames are an unbeatable match against energy loss in the home. 

What is Double Glazing?

A DGU (double glazed unit) consists of 2 pieces of glass manufactured as one unit, with a gap filled with trapped Argon gas separated by a desiccant filled spacer bar and sealed with a primary and secondary seal for structure and guaranteed performance.

There are four surfaces on a DGU, #1 on the outside of the home facing outwards, #2 on the outside of the home facing inwards, #3 on the inside of the home facing outwards and #4 on the inside of the home facing inwards.

How Does it Work?

The magic of double glazing is in the separated space filled by Argon gas, the insulation caused by this pocket reduces heat transfer and sound transmittance. Argon gas is a colourless, odourless, inert gas that acts as a better insulator than regular air. Double glazing is effective in reducing heat transfer through conduction, convection, and radiation.

We liken double glazing to an esky. If the esky has warm things inside, it will stay warm. If there are cool things inside, they will stay cool. This is the same as your home.

In Canberra, it is important to get as much of the winter sun into your home as possible so that you receive free heating. The sun will enter your windows as shortwave and then once inside will convert to a long wave. The heating inside your home is already a long wave.

Glass is a good heat conductor and if the window is single glazed, the heat will transfer readily to the outside. You may notice in your single glazed home that by 4 pm, the home gets cooler and you need to turn on your heating – this is because your heat from the sun is travelling back out the window and as the sun is going down, there is no more heat coming in.

With double glazing, the air trapped inside the double glazed units is a poor conductor. If you have argon, it is a viscous gas and is denser than air. It would be like a top of the range doona with lots of air pockets. The trapped air (gas) sets up insulating protection between cool air on one side and warm air on the other. This is why your home stays warm in winter.

The opposite works in summer. We recommend that once the cool night air arrives, you open all your windows and doors and trap the cool air inside. Close them before retiring for bed and the cool air will remain in your home.

When paired with insulated uPVC frames, double glazing becomes a powerful shield against energy loss in your home. 

What is uPVC?

uPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) is an outstanding insulator, significantly reducing heat transfer due to its inherently low thermal conductivity. This material is engineered with a multi-chambered design, which traps air within the frame, creating an additional barrier to heat exchange and enhancing its insulating properties. Many uPVC windows and doors incorporate advanced opening styles featuring compression sealing, which further minimises heat loss and drafts. This design results in low U-values, indicating high levels of thermal efficiency. As a result, uPVC windows and doors not only contribute to a more comfortable indoor environment but also help reduce energy consumption and lower heating and cooling costs. Their durability, low maintenance requirements, and resistance to weathering make uPVC an ideal choice for energy-efficient, sustainable building solutions.

Insulated Windows and Doors Integral in Canberra

We live in one of the coldest places in Australia, and yet single-glazed aluminium, timber, or steel frames are the norm in our homes. In Canberra, we often use our heating for almost eight months out of the year and are constantly fighting to retain the perfect indoor temperature all year round. Uninsulated windows and doors are a recipe for disaster when it comes to feeling comfortable in our homes. Taking up over 30% of wall space, windows and doors become a weakness to the building envelope.

“Compared to Australia’s other capital cities, Canberra is unique. It has the fewest average rain days each year and is the country’s third-sunniest capital, but also freezes through an average of 99 frost days and 44 fog days each year. In summer it’s much hotter than its big neighbours to the north and south, and in winter it’s significantly cooler. Sometimes it even snows.”

By insulating and sealing the whole building envelope with insulated windows and doors, you will have a very comfortable home that is warm in winter, cool in summer, quiet and with no draughts, turning weak spots into the homes strongest feature.









Benefits of Double Glazing
with Solace Creations


Increased Comfort

By double-glazing your home, you can achieve a home that is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Insulating the cavities where single-glazed conductive frames are typically found contributes to a well-sealed building envelope. This helps with maintaining your inside temperature, using your heating and cooling for less and ensuring that you are not loosing heat in the winter or gaining heat in the summer.

Reduced Noise

Standard double glazing can reduce transmission of medium to high frequencies (human voice), with at least a 12mm gap. For low frequencies (traffic) using a different thickness of glass in each pane, or using a laminated glass, can help to cut noise.

To achieve the best noise reduction, choose double glazed units with a very wide air gap between the panes of glass. The next best outcome is to use a laminated glass on the outside pane of the double glazing. An added benefit to this is that laminated glass is often harder to break than standard panes.

Energy Savings

Double glazing is an insulated product and will save energy costs such as gas and electricity in your home used for heating and cooling. By double glazing your  home, you will get the benefit of lower energy bills and help lower the carbon footprint of the building.

Putting solar panels on your roof will also cut down energy bills, however, it won’t provide the comfort that double glazing provides. You will still have draughts and uneven temperature in your home. Insulated windows and doors alone can save up to 45% on your energy bills and up to 75% when paired with solar panels.

UV Protection

We offer double-glazed glass units with low-emissivity coatings that block a significant portion of harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays from entering the building. This helps protect furnishings, flooring, and other interior surfaces from fading or damage caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Bush Fire Attack Level

Our windows and doors are self-extinguishing and BAL rated, ensuring exceptional protection against bushfires. Designed to meet stringent Australian standards, these products provide enhanced safety and peace of mind while maintaining superior energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal. For BAL rated areas we upgrade the screens to aluminium mesh and thicker glass.

Reach the 7 Stars

In the ACT, it is mandatory for all newly constructed homes to meet the minimum requirement of 7 star ratings as per the guidelines of the National Construction Code. Our windows and doors are insulated with low uValues, and have high performance glass, which enables us to not only meet but exceed these ratings. Work with our designers to tailor your windows and doors according to orientation, ventilation and functionality.


Custom Designed

Solace Creations is dedicated to designing customised windows and doors for every room in your home, taking into account your unique requirements for performance, style, and functionality. Our approach considers the overall appearance of your home, as well as important factors such as orientation, ventilation, and energy efficiency. We understand that every home is unique and therefore, the design process is of utmost importance to us. We offer free in-store consultations to showcase our diverse collection of opening styles, glass types, and frame colours. Additionally, we also provide free home visits to customise each window and door according to your specific needs. Once you’re ready to proceed, our designer accompanies the installer for a check measure to finalise the configurations and designs.

Experienced Installers

We are pleased to offer two experienced installation teams led by installers who have been working with us for the past 7-10 years: Enviro Renovations and Full House Developments. This allows us to supervise and ensure quality work during installation. The installation process includes the disposal and recycling of your old windows and doors, expansion foaming between the new frames and brick/cladding and trimming the outside. Our teams take pride in their work while maintaining efficiency. We offer brick or cladding cut-downs if you would like to make a window or door taller, and we can recommend builders for any structural requirements.


From new homes to replacements, our clients experience the beauty of our modern windows and doors with cutting-edge technology. 

When we replace windows and doors in our client’s homes, we are able to focus in on each room to tailor-design windows and doors to the exact style and performance requirements. We carefully assess each room, taking into account factors such as function, ventilation, and insulation needs, to tailor-design windows and doors that not only look great but also perform exceptionally well. We discuss with the client what works with their current design and how we can make improvements to the new windows and doors. Seeing the before and after transformation is one of our favourite things about our line of work.

For new-build homeowners, we work closely with the builder or architect to ensure each window and door is designed according to the overall vision while achieving energy rating requirements and functionality for each room in the home. There’s nothing more fulfilling than watching a house come to life as it is brought to reality from the plans.

Australian Fabrication

Our environment in Australia poses unique challenges, from intense UV rays to unpredictable climates and the threat of bushfires. Ensuring the resilience of windows and doors against these elements is paramount.

At Solace Creations, we prioritise quality and durability. That’s why we collaborate with two trusted Australian suppliers with Australian Certification and high Bushfire Attack Level ratings: Thermotek Windows, which crafts Aluplast in Melbourne, and Forever Green Windows, which specializes in Deceuninck fabrication in Sydney. With glass fabricated in Sydney by Australian Glass Group and Viridian.

Local Service

Solace Creations provides top-quality servicing and maintenance solutions for all your needs. Our team of skilled and experienced service technicians is always available to ensure that your equipment is working at its best. Whether it’s routine maintenance or emergency repairs, we have you covered. Trust us to keep your windows and doors running smoothly and efficiently.

Higher Property Value

Investing in insulated windows and doors can increase the value of a property significantly. Homebuyers are increasingly interested in energy-efficient features that improve the quality of life for the homeowner, and properties that have such upgrades are more likely to sell at a higher price. 

Made For Your Project

Replace your current windows and doors with an energy-efficient solution to keep you comfortable all year.

Design your dream windows & doors for your new build and exceed the 7-star ratings.

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