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Solace Creations makes replacing your windows and doors a breeze. We handle everything, from meticulous design to expert installation. Our local service ensures ongoing support long after we’ve transformed your home. Turn your weakest insulation points into your home’s biggest feature with our insulated windows and doors.

Solace Creations Design Team

Experience the Solace Creations difference in window and door replacements

State-of-the-Art Showroom

Visit our Fyshwick design studio for inspiring window shopping for your new windows and doors. Try our opening styles in person and explore our extensive selection of  colour profiles and glass options.

Custom Design

Our in-house design team will bring your vision to life, providing solutions and experienced advice.
We focus on every window and door in your home to ensure your individual needs are met.

Technical Support

We offer design, supply, delivery, and installation—and are just a call away to provide servicing long after your new project is finished.

Local Service

Based in Fyshwick, we proudly serve the greater ACT area and surrounding NSW, delivering exceptional products and friendly customer service to every client.

Australian Certified & Fabricated

We work closely with our Sydney and Melbourne suppliers to deliver world-class brands that have been tested and certified for Canberra’s unique climate.

Energy Rated

Our uPVC double-glazed windows and doors are Passivhaus Certified and can exceed the 7-star rating requirements with low u-values between 1.1 – 2.6 and high energy efficiency.

Out With the Old & In With the New

Save energy and create comfort by updating the windows and doors in your home – re-designed or re-created.

Insulation in Canberra homes is integral to our varying climate, where we use our heating for almost 8 months of the year and experience scorching summers.

Windows and doors account for up to 40% of home energy loss, and in most Canberra and Queanbeyan homes, we have aluminium, timber, or steel frames with single glazing that provide little to no insulation. Maybe you have cut-out glass in your toilets or bathrooms. This was compulsory for hygienic ventilation in the past; however, it is not needed any longer.

You can create more peace and comfort in your current home by replacing your windows and doors with insulated and sealed frames and glass (double glazed). uPVC double glazed windows and doors add further insulation to your walls, ceilings and floors. The right windows and door systems can stop draughts, reduce noise, provide temperature control, gain better ventilation, added security and much more.

Our design team works with you to custom design windows and doors to fit your current home with the ability to recreate the style or update it to something more suited to your space and needs. The designs are customisable with different configurations, glass options and colours.

We provide delivery and installation with our experienced teams and project manage the work every step of the way. Our installers can make your window or door taller or shorter if desired, and we can work with builders to provide extra building work if required. We can replace windows that are of any age and because we are experienced, we can work with problems evident in the home as we go. Unfortunately, not all older homes were built well and this is only discovered when the architraves have been pulled off or the windows are out. Our team will work with the challenge and give you the best outcome.

Before & After Solace Creations

Our passion stems from the tangible transformation we see in our client’s homes and lives. Not only do our clients experience increased comfort, reduced noise, and energy savings, but they also have windows and doors that add beauty and functionality to their homes.

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Solace Creations is dedicated to transforming your vision into reality. With our complimentary consultation, we tailor your quote to meet your unique design and performance needs.

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Discover our range of double glazed glass units designed for your style and performance requirements

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Custom designed insulated windows and doors for each room in your home


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