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The west side of our home gets hot in the afternoon, what can I do?

This is where low emissivity (or soft coat low–e glass) coatings come into play. Low–E glass has a microscopically thin, transparent coating—it is much thinner than human hair and it reflects long-wave infrared energy back into your home (or heat). Some low–e’s also reflect significant amounts of short-wave solar infrared energy and this depends on what surface the Low-E is put on.

How do I stop my room from getting too hot in summer?

Shading is the ideal way to block the sun from heating up your room. This could be with eaves or a pull-down blind on the outside. Low e glass is available and this will help deflect the heat on sides that don’t receive a winter benefit.

How do I stop my furnishings from fading from the sun?

With the double glazed unit, we would put a 6.38 laminate on the outside pane and a 4mm on the inside pane. The laminate provides 99.9% protection over UV entering your home that causes fading. The 6.38 laminate also makes your home quieter and provides protection against breakage providing better security.

Does double glazing protect my house from smoke or fire?

By installing new double glazed units, window frames are sealed from the elements. This helps to stop wind, smoke and pollution from entering your home.

The glass used in double glazing can also help to protect your home from fire by insulating the heat entering the building.

Our uPVC frames are BAL rated and self-extinguishing. For high BAL ratings we must use aluminium mesh screens and thicker glass.

What is a ‘U-value’?

A U-value, also known as thermal transmittance, measures how well a building element (such as a window, door, or wall) conducts heat. It indicates the rate of heat transfer through the material, with lower U-values representing better insulation properties. Essentially, the lower the U-value, the more effective the material is at keeping heat inside during the winter and outside during the summer, thus improving a building’s energy efficiency.

Do you have accessible options for doors?

Yes, our hinged doors and lift and slides have a low aluminium threshold.

Do you have privacy glass?

If you are looking for obscure glass, there are several types of glass to choose from, depending on the style. We also offer tinted glass, which is dark and private from the outside, with uninterrupted views from the inside. If you are interested in mirror tinting we can work with a company to provide a film to achieve this look.

What options do you have for servery windows?

There are several options for servery windows:
• stacking 
• push out casement
• gas strut awning
• swing and slide

Do you offer triple glazing?

We can certainly provide triple glazing if required. We can also achieve the same ratings with low emissivity glass.

Can you replace windows in a heritage listed home?

Yes, we have worked on several heritage projects where we were able to replicate the look of the original windows to abide by the replacement guidelines. We offer frames with a timber-look and georgian bar glass units, if required.

Can I keep my old frames and just replace the glass?

At Solace Creations, we specialise in replacing both the frames and glass with insulated products. This ensures that the highest energy efficiency is achieved with less draughts. Standard aluminium and steel frames conduct heating and cooling, while timber frames are often leaky and hard to maintain.


What is the turnaround time?

Once the deposit is paid, your order is placed in our delivery schedule. The standard turnaround time is 5-12 weeks and longer for special order colours.

Where are your windows and doors fabricated?

We supply uPVC frames and double-glazed glass units that are fabricated in Sydney and Melbourne. 

The frames are delivered by our professional removalist companies while the glass is delivered by the glass suppliers.

What area do you provide to?

Solace Creations is a local Canberra company that provides windows and doors to the greater ACT and surrounding NSW areas. We typically can travel 1-2 hours outside of Canberra.

Can you make my window into a door?

Yes, we are able to alter the height the hole by cutting brick or cladding. If you require the width to be widened, we can work with and engineer and builder.

Can you add a window or door into a space that is just a wall?

If you require structural work such as cutting a hole into a wall for a window or door, we will need to enlist an engineer and builder to collaborate on your installation.

How long does an installation take?

Depending on the way your home is built, our teams usually install up to 4-6 items per day. Homes with double brick, timber or steel can often take longer.

Can I keep my old windows and doors to resell them?

In most cases, your old windows and doors are damaged when they are removed. Talk to our team during the check measure to see if we can take your old units out for resell. There is an extra charge as it takes longer to take them out carefully.

Can I replace my windows and doors in stages?

Yes, if you plan to replace in stages we highly recommend doing at least 4 windows and doors at a time due to minimum delivery and installation fees.

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