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We are a local company increasing comfort, reducing noise, and saving energy in Canberran homes with insulated windows & doors.

Solace Creations is passionate about insulated windows and doors because of the tangible difference we see in our client’s homes and lives.

Solace Creations Design Team
Solace Creations Design Team

Benefits of Insulated
Windows & Doors

Increase Comfort

Windows and doors make up over 30% of your wall space, creating a weakness if not insulated. By choosing insulated windows and doors we can turn a big weak spot into your home’s strongest feature, significantly enhancing the comfort of your home by maintaining a consistent indoor temperature and reducing draughts. These energy-efficient solutions minimise heat loss in the winter and keep your home cooler in the summer, ensuring a comfortable living environment year-round.

Reduce Noise

Our customers are always surprised at how much quieter their homes are after installing insulated windows and doors. Insulated windows and doors act as effective barriers against noise pollution, providing a quieter and more peaceful living environment by minimising the transmission of external sounds, such as traffic noise or neighbourhood commotion, into your home. uPVC Double glazing can reduce noise levels by 30 to 40 decibels.

Save Energy

One of the key allies in your quest for energy efficiency is Insulated windows and doors. By incorporating non-conductive uPVC frames with insulated Double Glazed Glass Units, these fixtures prevent heat loss during winter and keep cool air inside during scorching summers. This means your heating and cooling systems work more efficiently, requiring less energy to maintain your desired indoor temperature, and helping to trim utility bills.

Our Services

Replace Windows & Doors

We improve your current home by replacing your windows and doors with our custom-designed insulated products. Meticulously planned to incorporate your performance and style requirements, and installed by our expert installation teams.

Nail Your New Build

We will provide the tools, products and services to set you up for success in building your new home. Our design team ensures each room in your home has carefully considered windows and doors that align with the overall design and exceed 7-star rating requirements.

Our Brands

We offer two world-class uPVC brands that are fabricated in Sydney that are Australian tested and certified.

Aluplast: A German profile brand manufactured in Sydney by Easy Windows

Deceuninck: A Belgium profile brand manufactured in Sydney by Forever Green Windows

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