The latest double glazing resources by Solace Creations. Find out more about the benefits of double glazing, the types of glass available and a glossary of frequently asked questions.

Benefits of Double Glazing

Energy efficiency and noise reduction are only some of the benefits of double glazing. Read more about why we believe double glazing is perfect for Canberra homes.

Double Glazing Glossary

The Solace Creations team have a long history of supplying, installing and managing double-glazing projects. Here’s a range of industry terms that might be used by your builders, architects or throughout the course of installing double glazing into your new home or when you are replacing your existing windows and doors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whilst double glazing is becoming widely adopted throughout Australia, there are still questions we’re frequently asked. Here are a collection of the questions we’re asked most often.

Glass Types

There are a variety of glass types that can be put together to achieve your double glazing needs. See how different thicknesses and tints can suit your Canberra home.

Opening Styles

All of our windows and doors are customisable and made to measure. You're able to choose from a variety of opening styles for both windows and doors to suit your home.

uPVC Frames

Solace Creations are specialists in providing uPVC Framed Double Glazing. This non-conductive, highly insulative frame provides the perfect structure for your choice of glass. uPVC withstands Canberra's climate and lasts the test of time.


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What Is Double Glazing

Double Glazing provides insulation to the windows and doors of your home, business, or other building. By trapping air (or another gas) between two panes of glass, energy is not easily able to travel through it. Find out more about why double glazing is ideal for Canberra's climate.