Glass Types

A DGU (double glazed unit) consists of 2 pieces of glass manufactured as one unit, with a gap filled with trapped Argon gas separated by a desiccant filled spacer bar and sealed with a primary and secondary seal for structure and guaranteed performance.

The magic of double glazing is in the separated space filled by Argon gas, the insulation caused by this pocket reduces heat transfer and sound transmittance. Argon gas is a colourless, odourless, inert gas that acts as a better insulator than regular air. Double glazing is effective in reducing heat transfer through conduction, convection, and radiation.

There are four surfaces on a DGU, #1 on the outside of the home facing outwards, #2 on the outside of the home facing inwards, #3 on the inside of the home facing outwards and #4 on the inside of the home facing inwards.

There is a variety of glass types available to suit your performance or style requirements. The standard glass unit is made up of 4mm glass on either side of a 16mm argon filled spacer. We are also able to provide triple glazing if required and custom combinations such as obscure glass with laminate or two different obscure glasses in one unit. Our team can assist you in selecting the ideal type for each room in your home.

View below the different glass types available. We also have the glass types on display at our showroom 1/17 Townsville St, Fyshwick.


4mm Clear / 16mm Argon / 4mm Clear

Double glazed clear toughened glass with argon gas provides superior insulation (uValues 2.2-2.4) compared to single glazed options without any additional coatings.


5-6mm Clear / 14mm Argon / 5mm Clear

Thicker glass is used for large sized glass units and is calculated by the design software. Rated for up to Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) 40 areas.

Sound & Secure

6.38mm Laminate / 14-18mm Argon / 4mm Clear

Laminated Glass is made of two clear glass pieces with a PVB interlayer, spacer then the third glass layer. Offers better acoustic performance & reduces traffic noise up to 50%. UV protection & security. Great for North and East facing rooms. Low uValues of 1.7-1.8.


6.76mm Audioshield Laminate / 14-18mm Argon / 4mm Clear

Designed to offer noise reduction from traffic and noisy neighbourhoods, AudioSheild laminate also provides UV protection and added security. Great for North and East facing rooms. Low uValues of 1.7-1.8.


4mm LowE Plus (Lightbridge) / 13-16 Argon / 4mm Clear

Low-e reduces heat loss and is great for solar heat gain. This ‘soft coat’ uses thin layers of transparent silver and is ideal for cold climates with maximum visible light, passive heat gain, and insulation. Great for South facing rooms on surface 3. Low-e has a slight green tinge compared to the standard glass.

4mm LowE Max (Performatech) / 13-16 Argon / 4mm Clear

High-performance coating with low uValue and SHGC provide superior insulation and solar control, while maintaining visible light. Ideal for rooms with little shading that experience ingress of summer heat.
Great for West facing rooms on surface 2.

Privacy & Decoration


Modern privacy glass that lets diffused light in. Also known as White Transculent when paired with laminate.


Fluted glass that allows both light and colour through. Also available in wider Broadline.


Rippled glass lets in the most light and colours in.


Textured glass with small vertical and horizontal lines.


Traditional bathroom glass with tiny spot texture.


4mm Grey / 14mm Argon / 4mm Clear

Reduces Light Transmission and glare.

4mm SuperGrey / 14mm Argon / 4mm Clear

SuperGreyTM is a stylish dark grey that has the highest solar control and creates privacy from the street during the day, while allowing a clear view from the inside.

SuperGrey externally has a dark mirror effect during the day.

Clear view interally with a slight tint.

Georgian Bars

Customised pattern of decorational bars inside of the two glass panes. Making it easier to clean than traditional bars that are
on the outside of the glass. Available in white, black & cream. Special order, check for availability and lead times.




Triple Glazing

5mm Clear / 10mm Argon / 5mm Clear / 10mm Argon / 5mm Clear

Triple Glazing consists of three layers of glass with two spaces between them. It provides higher thermal insulation compared to double glazing, reducing heat loss even further giving lower uValues of around 1.1 (compared to 1.7-1.8 with low-e double glazing). It also offers better soundproofing compared to double glazing, making it more effective in reducing noise from outside. However, it is generally more expensive than double glazing due to the additional glass pane and fabrication complexity.

The choice between double and triple glazing often depends on factors such as climate, budget, and specific insulation or noise reduction requirements. In Canberra, the benefit of triple glazing over double glazing is very little, especially when utilising low-e coated double-glazed glass.