Glass Types

A standard double glazed unit is: 4mm glass | 16mm argon gap | 4mm glass. 

Explore the variety of glass types and thicknesses below. Read more about how Solace Creations uses uPVC frames to hold these glass types. uPVC Frames and these glass types can be installed as retrofits to existing builds or built directly into your new house.


High performance double glazing

4mm Clear / 16mm Argon / 4mm Clear

Also available in toughened safety glass for wet areas and lowlites


5mm Clear / 14mm Argon / 5mm Clear

Available for larger panes



Further performance

6.38mm Laminate / 14-18mm Argon / 4mm Clear

Noise-reducing, added security and UV ray reduction


6.76mm Audioshield Laminate / 14-18mm Argon / 4mm Clear

Acoustic laminate for superior sound performance


4mm Clear / 16mm Argon with bars / 4mm Clear

Customised pattern of decorational bars inside the unit


4mm Clear / 16-20mm Argon / 4mm LowE Plus

Best on inner lite, surface #3 in colder climates. Excellent Insulation, high VLT and high Solar Gain


6mm LowE Max / 12-16mm Argon / 6mm Clear

Best on surface #2 for better solar control. Superior Insulation and SHGC without compromising VLT


4mm Grey Tint / 16-20mm Argon / 4mm Clear

Aesthetic tint, better SHGC also available in Green



Privacy and Style



A modern and chic private glass that lets diffused light in



Stylised glass that lets in the most light


Small Spots

Textured traditional glass suitable for bathrooms


Small Lines

Private yet allows a diffused light in

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