Profile Colours

Ash Grey

Base: Dark Grey
Brands: Aluplast

Profile Colours

Ash Grey

Base: Dark Grey
Brands: Aluplast

A matte silver tone that provides a cool an neutral window and door frame.

Ash Grey Portfolio

Profile Colour Range

Coloured uPVC Profile

These colours run all the way through the profile and have a light gloss-matte finish.

Matte Vinyl Wrapped Profile

This wrapping serves as a decorative layer, adding colour and matte texture to the profile on a white, dark grey or dark brown base.

Grain Vinyl Wrapped Profile

Realistic wood-grain texture provides an authentic touch to the timber looking colour options.

Turner Oak Walnut

Turner Oak Toffee

Standard Duo Profile

White internally with a colour externally.

Anthracite on White

Special Order Colours

Colours with white internally, custom combinations and special order require a longer lead time with a minimum order of 10 items.

Sheffeild Concrete Oak

Ash Grey





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