A Face-Lift with Peace and Quiet

by | Jan 14, 2024 | Before and After, Noni

This week, our client’s home in Weetangera underwent a window replacement to enhance its appearance and insulation. The home is located on a busy street with beautiful birds around them. However, these birds tend to sing every morning at 5 am, which leads to an unwanted early morning alarm clock for the clients.



The clients were pleased with the opening style of the awning in their old timber windows, and they wanted to replicate that style in their new low-maintenance uPVC windows. Since some of these windows are located on the second story, they were relieved to know that they would no longer have to climb a ladder to maintain them. In addition, they had previously encountered windows that would no longer open. Instead of chains, the new windows feature a steel scissor mechanism that is stronger, more secure, and easier to operate. 



In the downstairs bathroom, there were open bricks in front of the windows which had a unique design. Initially, we thought of removing them, but the pipes outside the house obstructed our access to cut the bricks out. As a result, we decided to install tilt and turn windows to create an openable window in the space. We worked closely with the client and their house to determine the best option for each window. The client was happy with the outcome, and the Matelux glass now has a funky pattern shining through.

Our clients chose Aluplast windows by Thermotek Windows in the Anthracite Grey colour on the outside and white on the inside. Enviro Renovations installed these 10 windows in one day and spent the second day on the outside finishing touches.  We try to be as noninvasive as we can be and aim to allow our clients to still live in their house while replacing the windows.

They were happy to report that the birds did not wake them up at 5am the next morning!

Design Consultant: Noni
Installer: Enviro Renovations
Brand: Aluplast
Manufacturer: Thermotek Windows
Glass: Viridian



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